Capece Minutolo Chapel

The Cathedral of Naples is undoubtedly the most important monument among the many religious architectural projects undertaken in Naples and throughout the Kingdom under Charles II d’Anjou. From the beginning, the project involved the construction of a private royal chapel. In particular, the Minutolo chapel occupies the area that since the fifth century had been the chapel of San Pietro. A consolidated erudite opinion, even if devoid of archaeological evidence, is that the chapel of Archbishop Filippo Minutolo leaned on the chapel originally dedicated to the Saint Peter the apostle and considered the first Pope.

The first mention of the Minutolo chapel, located in the right corner of the presbytery, dates back to 1301, the same year as the execution of Filippo’s tomb. The sarcophagus of Orso Minutolo was built on the left wall in the mid 1300s . During the same period the chapel continued to be dedicated to San Pietro. Only in 1402 with Archbishop Enrico Minutolo was the patronage of the chapel entrusted to the `Capece Minutolo’ family, a patronage which the family still holds to this day. The Archbishop asked for and obtained permits for an extension of the chapel with the construction of the tribune, where his own funeral monument was later erected in 1405. The mostly Gothic chapel is evidence of an evolution to a new style, found above all in some details of the funeral monuments. Its rectangular shape is divided into three spans with cross vaults of which the last, constituting the tribune, was erected between 1387 and 1412 and requested by Filippo Minutolo to house his funeral monument. The floor and the fragmentary cycle of wall paintings with figures of Apostles and Prophets, Stories of Martyrs, the Crucifixion and some Clipei with figures of Saints date back to the time of Filippo ’s episcopate (1288-1301) and are attributed to Montano d’Arezzo. The artist was active in the city and the Kingdom since the end of the thirteenth century. This is the first significant example of the diffusion in southern Italy of the new pictorial language conceived by Cimabue in the Franciscan Basilica of Assisi.

The restoration’s focus is on the maintenance of some decorative elements of the Capece Minutolo Chapel in particular the floor, the lateral tombs of Orso and Filippo Minutolo and the lower register of the wall decorations.

The aim is to secure the surfaces most at risk (areas with problems of cracking, disintegration or detachment and areas potentially in danger of collapse) and to limit or temporarily contain the progress of degradation.

Time of realisatio
December 2020 – in progress
Collection target
20.000 €
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