Church of Santi Filippo and Giacomo

The Church of Santi Filippo e Giacomo is also called the Arte della Seta, from the name of the Guild of merchants, weavers and dyers working in the silk industry who granted its construction in 1591.

The Guild first bought the building behind the actual church where it founded a conservatory to house the daughters of poor or deceased artisans who belonged to the Guild. Attached to the building was a church inside of which stood a small chapel dedicated to the Saints Philip and James.

A fresco from the sixteenth century bears witness to what remains of the first nucleus of the “Arte della Seta”. Even today we are able to identify San Filippo on the right wall and, in the centre a very faded, dormitio Virginis, dominated by the fragment of a extremely faded crucifixion. San Girolamo is recognized by his red habit and on the left, San Gregorio Magno.

Friends of Naples has chosen to intervene with the restoration of this fresco in order to prevent its further erosion in its various forms without compromising the state of conservation of the painting which risks being lost forever.

The mural is not referenced or is little known in historical-artistic studies and therefore making people aware of its existence is the first step to saving it.

Time of realization
6 months
Fundraising target
12.000 €
Officina Restauro – Respiriamo Arte