We love Naples and its beauty
and we want it to last forever

“We at Friends of Naples combine the resources, skills and enthusiasm of those who care about our city to deliver to future generations a unique heritage that has always moved and enchanted anyone who has ever admired it for the first time and held it in their hearts”

Alberto Sifola di San Martino, President of Friends of Naples
“Returning a cultural asset to the city is much more than restoring a work of art. It means re-establishing the dialogue between people and their history. It means allowing the community to recognize itself in its cultural heritage, to feel a part of it and be its passionate guardian. For this reason, the restoration does not stop at the object, but involves a series of actions that serve to strengthen the relationship between citizenship and places. “
Francesca Amirante, Storica dell’arte, Scientific Committee
“Even marble, apparently the most durable material, is fragile and perishable and there is no statue, column or altar that does not need care and dedication for its preservation. Certainly the care of those who, by profession, apply their skills with competence, recognize in the work something intrinsic to its history and therefore become promoters of its conservation.”
Gennaro Russo, Marble worker, Partner
“In Naples there is beauty and history everywhere. The artistic heritage lives among us; we see it with our eyes, we can touch it every day. Knowing it and helping to preserve it, is fundamental for us young people because it allows us to confront stories that tell us who we are and that allow the past to broaden the horizons of our present in order to face future challenges with greater awareness”
Mario Berni Canani, Student, Young Member