The tombstone of the family of Pope Innocent XII Pignatelli of Spinazzola

The current layout of the floor of Naples’ Duomo Cathedral dates back to the 1950s and was commissioned by Cardinal Alessio Ascalesi (1924-1952).The burial ledger with bronze ornaments commissioned by Cardinal Antonio Pignatelli (1686-1691), the elected Pope with the name of “Innocent XII” lies at the intersection of the transept between the throne and the pulpit.

The marble ledger was constructed according to the execution and decoration techniques of marble inlay. The polychrome stone slabs are carved in various shapes to create a geometric design. Each element is laid, according to the traditional technique, on the plate through a mixture consisting of pitch and various carbonates. The coat of arms of the Pignatelli of Spinazzola family and other geometric and phytomorphic bronze elements enrich the plaque.

Time of realisation
December 2020
Restoration completed
Collection target
5.000 €
Collaborations and partnerships